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Transparency is our main objective in the exchange with the capital market. We thus offer our financial reports and other documents for download.

We received the EPRA Best Practices Recommendations Gold Award for our annual reports 2015 – 2022.


Annual ReportsFormatOnline
Annual Report 2023Download PDF, 3.5 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2023Download PDF, 415.4 KB 
Remuneration Report 2023 incl. Auditor's ReportDownload PDF, 2.6 MB 



Annual Reports

Annual ReportsFormatOnline
Annual Report 2022 (PDF)Download PDF, 4.1 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2022Download PDF, 437.04 KB 
Remuneration Report 2022 incl. Auditor's ReportDownload PDF, 510.97 KB 
Video Statement CEO VIDEO
Annual Report 2021Download PDF, 4.75 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2021Download PDF, 626.63 KB 
Remuneration Report 2021Download PDF, 272.67 KB 
Remuneration Report 2021 incl. Auditor's ReportDownload PDF, 347.45 KB 
Annual Report 2020Download PDF, 3.33 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2020Download PDF, 408.02 KB 
Annual Report 2019Download PDF, 5.41 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2019Download PDF, 418.75 KB 
Annual Report 2018Download PDF, 4.22 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2018Download PDF, 413.1 KB 
Annual Report 2017Download PDF, 8.85 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2017Download PDF, 438.07 KB 
Annual Report 2016Download PDF, 6.29 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2016Download PDF, 353.02 KB 
Annual Report 2015Download PDF, 3.81 MBHTML
Annual financial statements of Vonovia SE 2015Download PDF, 393.35 KB 
Annual Report 2014Download PDF, 2.78 MB 
Annual financial statements of Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE 2014Download PDF, 174.73 KB 
Annual Report 2013Download PDF, 2.54 MB 
Annual financial statements of Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE 2013Download PDF, 427.18 KB 
Annual Report 2012Download PDF, 922.37 KB 
Annual Report 2011Download PDF, 1 MB 
Annual Report 2010Download PDF, 608.71 KB 
Annual Report 2009Download PDF, 2 MB 
Annual Report 2008Download PDF, 2.1 MB 
Annual Report 2007Download PDF, 2.78 MB 
Annual Report 2006Download PDF, 1.74 MB 
Annual Report 2005Download PDF, 1010.73 KB 
Annual Report 2004Download PDF, 884.15 KB 



Quarterly ReportsFormatOnline
9M Report 2023Download PDF, 647 KBOnline
H1 Report 2023Download PDF, 889 KBOnline
Q1 Report 2023Download PDF, 629.07 KBHTML
9M Report 2022Download PDF, 922.33 KBHTML
H1 Report 2022Download PDF, 1.18 MBHTML
Q1 Report 2022Download PDF, 980.15 KBHTML
9M Report 2021Download PDF, 553.83 KBHTML
H1 Report 2021Download PDF, 709.64 KBHTML
Q1 Report 2021Download PDF, 517.03 KBHTML
Highlights Q1 2021 (Video) VIDEO
9M Report 2020Download PDF, 1.01 MBHTML
H1 Report 2020Download PDF, 786.49 KBHTML
Q1 Report 2020Download PDF, 622.65 KBHTML
9M Report 2019Download PDF, 717.62 KBHTML
H1 Report 2019Download PDF, 896.81 KBHTML
Q1 Report 2019Download PDF, 666.63 KBHTML
9M Report 2018Download PDF, 937.88 KBHTML
H1 Report 2018Download PDF, 1.13 MBHTML
Q1 Report 2018Download PDF, 938.94 KBHTML
9M Report 2017Download PDF, 575.24 KBHTML
H1 Report 2017Download PDF, 685.73 KBHTML
Q1 Report 2017Download PDF, 642.85 KB 
9M Report 2016Download PDF, 1.05 MB 
H1 Report 2016Download PDF, 675.49 KB 
Q1 Report 2016Download PDF, 669.98 KB 
9M Report 2015Download PDF, 485.91 KB 
H1 Report 2015Download PDF, 516.62 KB 
Q1 Report 2015Download PDF, 576.04 KB 
9M Report 2014Download PDF, 2.88 MB 
H1 Report 2014Download PDF, 297.2 KB 
Q1 Report 2014Download PDF, 1.44 MB 
9M Report 2013Download PDF, 986.16 KB 
H1 Report 2013Download PDF, 681.41 KB 
Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements Q1 2013Download PDF, 112.47 KB 



Sustainability ReportFormatOnline
Sustainability Report 2022Download PDF, 3.5 MBHTML
Sustainability Report 2021Download PDF, 4.4 MBHTML
Sustainability Report 2020Download PDF, 3.16 MBHTML
Sustainability Report 2019Download PDF, 2.06 MBHTML
Sustainability Report 2018Download PDF, 947.27 KBHTML
Sustainability Report 2017Download PDF, 1.42 MBHTML
Sustainability Report 2016Download PDF, 1.16 MBHTML
Sustainability Report 2015Download PDF, 979.93 KBHTML


Further documentsFormatOnline
Corporate News: Successfull Bond tenderDownload PDF, 112.83 KB 
Detailed Tender ResultsDownload PDF, 236.87 KB 
Link to the Website of the Commission on Exproproation (German only) LINK
Statement on expropriation Debate in BerlinDownload PDF, 117.34 KB 
Ad-hoc: Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen sell 5 assets with 1,350 residential units to CBRE Investment ManagementDownload PDF, 74.86 KB 
Corporate News: 1,350 residential units to be sold to CBRE Investment Management for a total of ca. EUR 560mDownload PDF, 117.12 KB 
Südewo Transaction presentationDownload PDF, 136.29 KB 
Q&A regarding prosecutor investigations at Vonovia SEDownload PDF, 101.38 KB 
Vonovia initiates independent investigationDownload PDF, 118.03 KB 
Statement regarding prosecutor investigationDownload PDF, 41.22 KB 
Successful Bond Placement for Liability Management HTML
Update on Recent Developments around Adler OptionalityDownload PDF, 819.38 KB 
Update on Coalition AgreementDownload PDF, 178.57 KB 
Capital Increase HTML
Statement on Call Options for Adler GroupDownload PDF, 191.48 KB 
Voluntary Offer for GSW Immobilien AG HTML
First Reaction Post ElectionsDownload PDF, 532.46 KB 
Voluntary Offer for Deutsche Wohnen HTML
Capital Market Perception vs. FundamentalsDownload PDF, 665.78 KB 
Portfolio by Federal StatesDownload PDF, 211.29 KB 
Vonovia Waives Its Right to Claw Back Foregone Rents – Rent Freeze Has Been Ruled Unconstitutional and Must Not Lead to Insecurity among TenantsDownload PDF, 471.86 KB 
Next Steps Following the Ruling of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the Berlin Rent FreezeDownload PDF, 188.2 KB 
Vonovia Operational Update – Business Has Proven Its Stability So FarDownload PDF, 120.93 KB 
Vonovia Re-emphasizes Its Promise to TenantsDownload PDF, 151 KB 
Vonovia Is Highly Confident In Its Resilient Asset-backed Business Model – Outlook for 2020 Earnings and Value Growth ConfirmedDownload PDF, 147.32 KB 
Statement on the Rent Freeze Plans of the Berlin Government and Assessment of Spillover RiskDownload PDF, 319.29 KB 
Victoria Park acquires 2,340 flats in Stockholm and GothenburgDownload PDF, 120.81 KB 
Statement regarding the acquisition of a 10% minority stake in the Vesta portfolioDownload PDF, 144.9 KB 
Vonovia Responds to the German Housing SummitDownload PDF, 161.29 KB 
Summary Coalition AgreementDownload PDF, 84.09 KB 
High Influx Cities (Schwarmstädte)Download PDF, 506.7 KB 
IRS Form 8937Download PDF, 918.23 KB 
Walker Report 2012Download PDF, 165.89 KB 
Company Brochure 2011Download PDF, 1.17 MB 
Walker Report 2011Download PDF, 175.04 KB 
Company Brochure 2010Download PDF, 1.5 MB 
Walker Report 2010Download PDF, 272.66 KB 
Walker Report 2009Download PDF, 177.46 KB 
Walker Report 2008Download PDF, 2.43 MB 


Statement on Call Options for Adler GroupDownload PDF, 191.48 KB 


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