Neubau- und Modernisierungsmaßnahmen in der Insterburger Straße in Bochum.

New Construction

Since new construction plays an increasingly important role when it comes to providing affordable housing, building new homes is one of Vonovia's major goals. This is the only way to meet growing demand and to take pressure off housing markets, particularly in metropolitan areas and in central and urban locations. With new constructions – as with its energy-efficient refurbishments – Vonovia pays particular attention to optimized energy design and resource-saving construction methods.

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Portrait Pressesprecherin Silke Hoock

Silke Hoock

Spokeswoman Sustainability, New Construction (Serial-Modular), Renewable Energy, Skilled Workers Abroad
Portrait Pressesprecher Marc Friedrich

Marc Friedrich

Spokesman Finance, Digitalization and Innovations, VfL Bochum, New Constructions